Friday, October 27, 2006

Jeffrey Scott--Genius or Scourge?

It seems anticlimatic to start one's blog about Saturday morning cartoons by talking about a writer in the medium, Jeffrey Scott. One day at the library a colleague asked me if I had ever seen Captain N: Game Master.
I pled ignorant, but as we were watching the video he had pulled up on YouTube, I noticed in the credits that it was written by Jeffrey Scott and said, "hmm, that name sounds familiar," and went back to my desk to Google it. Turns out, Jeffrey Scott is the genius behind not only Captain N but also a whole slew of cartoons that littered our prepubescent landscape, and beyond. The most notable current is Dragon Tales, that Latin-American flavored cartoon shown on PBS kids which, depending on who you talk to is most beloved or most reviled (my son loves it, my husband and the fathers of other children we know seem to hate it with a white-hot passion -- I think it's the Ord character).
Anyway, you can read a whole slew of his writing credits and, if you want to be just like Jeffrey Scott, he can teach you, too, to be a writer for animated cartoons!