Friday, April 19, 2013

Angsty Bleach and the 11-year-old brain

I spoke about a year ago on watching the last episode of Bleach and my son walking in on the last couple of minutes and going, "what's that?"  I had never watched Bleach around him or encouraged him to watch it, mostly because I thought he should be a little older.  Well, this year he started watching Bleach and I figured it's good fuel for pre-teen angst (he's almost 11, now) so I let him watch it.  He inhaled about 4 seasons of it before he just suddenly stopped and I think it's because the show becomes a slog during the Hueco Mundo arc, which just seems to go on an on.  He simply got bored with it, like any 11-year old would.  Something to be said for being a die-hard fan to endure the endless fillers and alternative storylines, which were the bane of any regular Bleach viewer (yours truly included).

Now he's watching Codename: Kids Next Door with the same relish as he did with Bleach or Scooby-Doo. Just have to chalk it up to him being 11 and the content not being very heavy.  I'm kind of glad he didn't go for the angsty Bleach arcs; let him be a kid for a little longer.

Got the image from Porn1315's page on Deviant Art.