Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wither Misty?

As you may have surmised, my sole purpose as a parent lately has been to warp my young son's mind with cartoons that I consider classic--some trashy (see Scooby-Doo entry), some considered artsy like early Warner Brothers, and kitschy (see Speed Racer entry). Time will only tell what deleterious effect this will have on his developing psyche, but I am content for now to ignore these possibilities and revel in satisfying my own cartoon-based obsessions.
Much to my husband's chagrin, one of those obsessions happens to be the Pokemon saga. Before there was a child, there was my insatiable thirst for Saturday Morning Cartoons which would lead inexorably to the WB where I saw my first episodes of Pokemon. I really don't know what it was about this particular cartoon, but I fell in love with it from the get-go. I didn't go all the way into fangirldom with the card-collecting frenzy that afflicted so many 10 year-olds during that time, but I watched the series and the new movies religiously. My husband was helpless to save me then and is now watching with the same helplessness as my son twists his way into Pokemon hell.
I knew this would lead to embarrassing situations in the real world, and I was right. We were over at a friend's house for a playdate and of course these particular friends are smart and don't let their children watch TV, so they were scratching their heads when my son suddenly blurts out, "Bulbasaur, I choose YOU!"
But vicariously living the Saturday Morning Cartoon lifestyle through my son is not what I wanted to talk about or, rather, ask. Where the heck did Misty go? As seems to be the usual for me, I rely heavily on Wikipedia to source me on the 4-1-1 about my favorite character of the Pokemon series, especially because of all the hentai sites you have to wade through on Google. Now when I watch newer Pokemon movies I get a little nervous when I don't see Misty, but after reading the Wikipedia entry, it seems like Misty is going to phase in and out, being supplemented with May, who seems like a Misty wanna-be if you ask me.
Am I a dork, yet?
Wait, no I'm not -- here's a chat thread about the whole May Haters/Misty Likers school of thought, supported by a Cole Sprouse website, whoever the heck that is. Oh wait, I'm sorry -- They're all 10 YEARS OLD! My bad, I really am a dork.


AIM said...

Pokemon is an insidious ploy by Nintendo and all its cohorts to have children extort money from their parents and they are subliminally trying to create a secret army from which they can create a first strike force for the coming world war. You think I'm kidding, well I'm not, take the true account of what happened in South Park, Denver. Pokemon are harbingers of destruction and we can not allow it to continue.

Michele said...

Thanks, aim, for exposing this nefarious plot of animators to sell plastic crap to kids!

Anonymous said...

The one good thing I can say about Pokemon is that it gave me an idea for testing the boundaries of the "interfering with police business" statutes.

Namely, there's a couple of well-known prostitution "strolls" in town where "reverse-sting" operations are conducted regularly, using undercover policewomen posing as hookers. Since these officers invariably look physically fit and healthy, they stand out like sore thumbs among the motley legions of fat-assed, hollow-eyed, skin-diseased crack hos we have around here. Or so I'm told.

I would like to approach one of the undercover she-cops, and ask, in a sly way, how much it would cost for a "bulbasaur" or a "charmander" or a "psyduck." And keep after it until she either quoted me a bunch of prices, or admitted she was a cop.

Cost of my bail? $500. Value of putting one over on the cops? Priceless.