Friday, November 30, 2007

Hang your head in shame, Gatchaman

I've been meaning to update on our Gatchaman-watching activities since...when was the last time I posted? September 1st -- wow! Anyway, over the course of the fall we've gotten through 9 out of the 18 volumes and then I lied and told DJ that V9 was the last one in the series. It was just too full of cuss words. I realize that ADV Films was trying to be faithful to the original Japanese version, but I just couldn't continue to let DJ be exposed to words we never use in our home (well, at least not in front of our son). I didn't experience the deleterious effects of this exposure, but the old man did. He and DJ were talking and DJ just suddenly uses "dammit" in a sentence. The old man told me later and that was the last straw. But, I'm still getting the volumes from Netflix, just watching them when DJ is asleep.

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