Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tetsuko no Tabi

I like this anime more than I thought I would; maybe I just have a softspot for storylines about otaku.  It is a clever way of talking obsessively about trains while scraping together some semblance of self-respect for not clinging to otaku-ness; this is at least the thinking of the little-known mangaka who follows the train otaku and her friend (who she realizes too late is also a train otaku).  She rides haplessly along with the other two, led by the main otaku (I'm feeling very lazy right now and so am not looking up character names - please excuse my slackyness).  After watching two episodes I can understand why there are train otakus in Japan - their railway system is really expansive and really neat.

I wonder what Banba would think about this story?

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