Friday, June 07, 2013

Of Bronies and Summer Vacation

So, I'm all about Bronies right now.  What? Why?  You may be asking yourself.  Well, after much careful consideration I've decided to out my son on this blog as a Brony.  The other day I asked a colleague of mine if he was a brony and he mumbled something about never doing anything resembling broniism (I made up a word!), and I blurted out, "my son is a brony and I don't know how to support him!"

It's true.  Last week he started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and I've been watching along with him because I'm vaguely aware that MLPFiM is a thing.  He's hooked, man.  It's been fun to watch and I can totally see why it's garnered a much older demographic than intended.  It's also, in my mind, a recent example of cartoons that stand on their own, and aren't just vehicles to sell toys.

DJ struggles with his new-found status as brony, but I think that, ultimately, he will understand that it is not that the fact that the show is geared towards 6 year-old girls that attracts him to it, but rather that it's an inventive, ever-evolving narrative that seems to round-out the mythos of the MLPs.

This is the beginning of his summer vacation so I hope to post more about the awful, awful dreck we'll be watching, along with some good stuff (fingers-crossed).  Have a great summer, everyone!

Swiped the top photo from Beasprout Marketing and PR, and the bottom photo from - And, because I couldn't resist, a youtube of the original theme song for MLP.

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Michele LeSure said...

Holy moly! Just realized sandy duncan and tony randall did voices for the first series of MLP