Friday, June 17, 2016

Greetings from the other side of teen-age!

Wow, it's been a couple of years since I posted last!  In the interim, Gus, my loveable son, has grown to be an ebullient boy of 14 and is obsessed with video games.  That does not mean he has no time for animation; his tastes have been a little more particular of late.  I think this is maturity setting in, where you get a little picky about what narratives you waste your time on.  Of course, he loves anything to do with RoosterTeeth and his career aspiration is to be part of their collective.  Hopefully, by the time he's ready to make a splash on the yootoob, he'll have way better technology to use and RoosterTeeth will be partnering with him (!) instead of vice-versa.  A mother's hope?  If you are part of the Addams Family, perhaps.

Also, in the last two years, our family has acquired 5 cats - two sets of litter mates and a Manx named Clyde.  Herding cats was not a career aspiration for myself, and I seem to be an idiot when it comes to cleaning up after them.  Puke, poop, pee - it's like having TWO Baby Gus's to clean and feed, instead of just the one (getting him to eat is no problem these days, getting him to clean is completely another matter, however).  And if you saw what my house looks like after 2 years of 5 cats you would wonder why I'm even taking the time now to blog about cartoons.  I know there are people who are real cat ladies/gentlemen, and I don't care how well you think of yourself as a housekeeper, there is no keeping up with 5 cats without help!  But, now that I think of it, I could definitely start a business that helps people clean up animal poop on their property.  If I could make enough money to be worth the grossness I'd totally hit that.

What????! This blog has been going since 2006????!  That means Gus was...4 years old(!) when I started Saturday Morning Cartoons on Blogger.  Have to look back on first posts, but here's a shortlist of what G-dawg is watching now:

Red vs. Blue, already in its 14th season, is part of a new aesthetic of independent narratives, hosted by the tech and game-saavy beings at Rooster Teeth.  RWBY is also part of this new wave, and is an original production, meaning it began as a group project and not something other-directed, like by a corporation!

Dang, so caught up in online projects I can't even finish one, dinky blog post on my most-neglected blog!

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