Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yahoo! Answers question about anime vs. American cartoons

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Because I need to do grading I have decided to procrastinate by posting the following question on Yahoo! Answers:

What American cartoons do Japanese people like?

I'm a longtime fan of anime but I never hear about the American cartoons Japanese people like to watch - or do they like American cartoons at all? Can anybody help me answer this?
Haha, can you tell I C&P'd this from the website?  So, here are some of the answers I've gotten so far (there are four days to get answers to this question):
1.  Avatar the Last Airbender.
2.  Hello Kitty to the highest degree.


one of my friends is japanese.
3.  I heard they really like Scooby-Doo (for some odd reason)
4.  The original Tom and Jerry cartoons, as well as The Pink Panther's original shorts translate well overseas because there is no soundtrack to translate since the title characters remain silent through most of their adventures.
And while I can't say why The Pink Panther remains silent, Tom and Jerry never spoke in the originals because William Hanna and Joseph Barbera could never agree on what they should sound like.
I am totally dubious of answers 1 & 2, and answer 4 doesn't really answer the question and seems almost like speculation.  I like answer #3 the best just because it has a S-D reference and S-D is awesome so why wouldn't people around the world love Scooby-Doo?

If you've got some spurious information on this question, feel free to post on the Yahoo link, here.  I've had this question rolling around for awhile and watching Total Drama Island with DJ made me finally decide to pose this question to the Internets.

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